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Edinburgh Recording Studio |

June 11, 2012

Edinburgh Recording Studio & Music Production Company The new website for Offbeat Music Productions has been launched. The site features the Edinburgh Recording Studio & Music Production services on offer which include: Music Production Recording Studio Custom Backing Tracks Audio & CD Mastering Musical Accompaniment For Singers, Songwriters & Solo Artists Audio Services For Film/Theatre […]

Crabbit – The Musical

August 3, 2009

Just completed the final backing track mixes for the musical – ‘Crabbit’ at the weekend. In all there were 25 pieces of music ranging from songs to themes and atmospheres. The show will be on for the entire duration of the Edinburgh Festival fringe at The Gilded Balloon starting on Wednesday. after that it will […]

New album for Universal Music Group – Recording The Pipes

August 2, 2008

Following the amazing success of Spirit Of The Glen by The Royal Scots Dragoons and the Czech Film Orchestra, once again I’ve been asked to organise the studio and engineer the follow up album for The Universal Music Group which begins on August 8th. Spirit Of The Glen reached the coveted Christmas No 1 slot […]

Dead Sea Souls – Natural Progression

May 25, 2008

On Saturday I was back in the studio working with DSS on the single again. So far we have done the guitars as well as guides on vocals. This week we tackled the drums and being a live band this was an important part of the production. As the track has been clocked to a […]

Dead Sea Souls

May 4, 2008

I’m starting work on a song for the band Dead Sea Souls, a band from Whitburn in Central Scotland who I went to see recently at The Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh. The band inspired a great audience reaction and I aim to capture that vibe in their debut single ‘Natural Progression’ when we start work […]

Syncing film to music without timecode

April 26, 2008

Back on the case with the video for Kirsty’s debut single ‘Feels Good’. I’ve been experimenting with how to sync the film to sound and have come up with a method that works quite well without the benefit of a camera that has time code. It’s a bit time consuming and it involves chopping the […]

Allie Fox – album editing

April 21, 2008

On Friday Allie was back in the studio for the continuing editing stage of the album. We were working on the excellent ‘Mystery Of Life And Death’, a classical style track based on Allie’s acoustic guitar, Ron Shaw’s cello and Rod Clements slide guitar. The session was fairly intense as we waded through lots of […]