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Girl no8

Girl No8

Girl no8 are back in the studio recording a single entitled ” In Outta Love”. Songwriter and guitarist Jen Roberts and lead vocalist Emma close worked with me at Offbeat a few years ago on a selection of songs. This time round they are joined by keyboard player Alan Strange. I’m playing bass and drums on the new song under the new ‘Offbeat Rhythm Section’ name.


The Story of Film

The Story Of Film for Channel 4

The Story Of Film commentary continues with film director Mark Cousins. We are now at episode 8 out of 15. Even though I haven’t seen any film, and am dealing just with the narration, the story stands up really well. When mentioning this to Mark he thought of perhaps releasing a voice only version podcast of the series once the job is complete. Really enjoying working on this.


Jen Offbeat – PR and manager of – Offbeat Records

offbeat records

Jen Offbeat blasts out her blog

Jen Russell aka Jen Offbeat has joined Offbeat Records and will be the point of contact for both the label and Offbeat Productions.
The label has two sections. One features productions which were created or co-written here at the studio by ourselves and in collaborations with artists. The other will feature clients whi have recorded at the studio whose tracks will be available on iTunes through offbeat. They will be promoted through Jens blog, twitter and facebook campaigns. It’s also hoped that artists featured on the label will be noticed and picked up through related music industry contacts through exposure on the offbeat website.
To contact jen through the website visit


Skinny James Malinki…don’t hang about!!

Comes into the studio for an hour on Friday to lay down a vocal ….. makes a video on Saturday for his track ….. and it’s on youtube on Sunday!!


Offbeat Records visits Black Diamond FM – Friday 13th

Iain McKinna, Offbeat Kirsty and Jenny Savage

Had a great wee session at Black Diamond FM late last night on Geoff Ruderham’s late show. We performed two acoustic versions of songs by Offbeat Kirsty (Drifting Around) and Jenny Savage (Nothing To Surrender). It’s the start of many radio sessions to promote the new acts on the this space!!

13 new label launched on 8th May 2011 -PRESS RELEASE

This month sees the launch of’s digital record label with five unique single releases of Offbeat’s collaborations with Edinburgh based singers and songwriters.

The surprising range of artists include last years winner of Edinburgh’s Got Talent winner – 27 year old singer Gavin Blackie’s releasing his self penned debut single “Just Wanna Be”…. to a track featuring the late Tam White, on a recording he guested on for Offbeat producer Iain McKinna’s song “Car Crash TV” by the Offbeat Rhythm Section, just weeks before Tam (aged 63), tragically passed away last year.

Other releases include an epic guitar based song entitled “Without Warning” by 33 year old Mark Naples. Also “Nothing To Surrender” an atmospheric debut single by 34 year old Jenny Savage. And finally a track by Offbeat Kirsty making her solo debut at the age of 52 with the song “I Will Never Know”.

Iain in the Offbeat Control Room

Iain McKinna, who has been in the business since 1976, started Offbeat as a music production company in 1992 and has enjoyed pop, world music and classical hits with a diverse range of artists he has worked with including
The Bay City Rollers, Mike Heron from the Incredible String Band, New Yorker Talitha MacKenzie and most recently Classical Brit Award winning and Classic FM chart topping album ‘Spirit Of The Glen’ for Universal Music Group.
He also formed the Offbeat Scotland label in 2000 achieving world wide success for solo artists Hamed Kane from Senegal, Rock Piper Jimi McRae and Tam White’s acclaimed last album ‘Hold On’.

Iain, who has been working on the labels ethos after learning from his Offbeat Scotland experiences says, “On the new label I just want to focus on good songs, singers and single releases for a while. If that creates a demand for more recordings by a particular act then the label will respond by releasing more. I want this label to be a gateway for new writers and singers to get picked up by larger labels. We won’t stand in the way of acts that grow out of Offbeat and the deal we will be offering will be a unique opportunity for new and existing artists to reach a wider audience through exposure to Internet and Terrestrial radio and iTunes, Amazon Napster, Spotify + Last “. Visit the website : uk for more information.


The Story Of Film – Channel 4

Mark Cousins and Martin Scorsese

I have the great pleasure of working with Mark Cousins again, recording his commentary for 15 x 1 hour episodes of a film based on his book The Story Of Film for Hopscotch Films in Glasgow. It’s set to be screened on Saturday nights on Channel 4 later in the year.

Mark Cousins is an author, film critic, producer, and documentary director. He is Honorary Lecturer in Film and Media Studies at the University of Stirling and teaches The Aesthetics of World Cinema at Edinburgh College of Art. As director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival in the 1990s, he pioneered the Scene by Scene discussion format, later adapting it into a celebrated BBC television series and book of the same name. Among those who gave career interviews were Martin Scorsese, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Shohei Imamura, Bernado Bertolucci, Jeanne Moreau, Kirk Douglas, and the Coen brothers. The subjects of his documentary films have included neo-Nazis, the first Gulf War, and Mikhail Gorbachev. His other publications include the acclaimed Imagining Reality: The Faber Book of Documentary and an introduction to the screenplay of Billy Wilder’s The Apartment.

The Story Of Film

The Story of Film presents the history of the movies in a way never told before. Mark Cousins’s chronological journey through the worldwide history of film is told from the point of view of filmmakers and moviegoers. Weaving personalities, film technology, and production with engaging descriptions of groundbreaking scenes, Cousins uses his experience as film historian, producer, and director to capture the shifting trends of movie history. We learn how filmmakers influenced each other; how contemporary events influenced them; how they challenged established techniques and developed new technologies to enhance their medium. Striking images reinforce the reader’s understanding of cinematic innovation, both stylistic and technical. The images reveal astonishing parallels in global filmmaking, thus introducing the less familiar worlds of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern cinema, as well as documenting the fortunes of the best Western directors. The Story of Film presents Silent (1885-1928), Sound (1928-1990), and Digital (1990-present), spanning the birth of the moving image; the establishment of Hollywood; the European avant-garde movements, personal filmmaking; world cinema; and recent phenomena like Computer Generated Imagery and the ever-more “real” realizations of the wildest of imaginations. The Story of Film explores what has today become the world’s most popular artistic medium.


Hip Hop Projects – Skinny Malinki and Diamond D

Skinny Malinki at Offbeat

Did another recording for highly original Hip Hop artist Skinny Malinki, who was back in the studio on Friday 13th to lay down a track called ‘Curse Of Mine’. It’s great to hear a Scottish voice in Hiphop that sounds cool, authentic and he can sing too.

We’ve also been in the process of recording an album for the hugely talented Scottish Hip hop artist Diamond D aka Bruce Kilpatrick

Diamond D

27 year old Bruce who currently lives in Linlithgow says “I started listening to hip-hop in the early 90’s when I bought the debut album Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg and was instantly hooked. I went on to buy more Snoop Albums and currently have all albums released as well as an extensive collection consisting of Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jadakiss, Wu-Tang Clan and Public Enemy to name a few.

I started writing rhymes around about 2002 with best friend Mark Waterhouse, then known as MC MoB and later changed his name to MC Dubb. Although never really taking things too seriously this duo broke down when he moved back to England in 2005.

I began to feel the need to get back into the studio and record some new material so began looking for studios within Edinburgh when I came across Offbeat Studio and began working with Vigilante of Great Ezcapes. This ended when he had to move to Canada for work purposes although I have recently been recording with his father Iain McKinna. I have been working on extending my track collection and am currently looking to network with people in order to start doing live performances as well as working with other artists and hopefully eventually bring out an album”.


Jim Connor Album Production – Singer/Songwriter

Jim Connor

Jim Connor – Singer/Songwriter

I’ve been in the process since late last year of working with songwriter Jim Connor from the West of Scotland on his album of Americana/Celtic flavoured songs.

It’s been a job for the Offbeat Rhythm Section supplying the backing (i.e. yours truly) and although it’s not generally a style I’m familiar with, it’s been a very enjoyable experience working on it with Jim.

So far he has released two tracks :
1- A laid back Americana style track with entitled Drift Away which has been picked up by Celtic radio and Uplift radio in the States.
2- Another song entitled Mysterious Lady is a blend of celtic and Americana styles and it too has been picked up by both stations so far. The song features Matt Seattle on the small pipes…. although they don’t half sound huge on the recording 🙂

Both songs are available on Itunes from Jim’s website


Mike Whittington – Classical Guitar

Guitarist Mike Whittington

Had a great session on Thursday with 22 year old classical guitarist Mike Whittington from the Lake district.

Mike pulled off a great 30 minute recording of live takes of classical tunes for guitar prior to him leaving for Brazil at the end of the month, where he will be studying guitar with some Brazilian guitarists. He plans to spend a year in South America soaking up musical influences on his journey.

I really hope to get the chance to record him again when he gets back so that I can hear the effect his travels have on his music.

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