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Flying Colours – The Secret’s Out

April 29, 2010

Earlier this month singer, guitarist and songwriter Jamie CampbellĀ  came back from Auckland to visit his family and we got together after 27 years and decided to get Flying Colours back in the studio and re- record the last track we did together in 1983 entitled The Secrets Out. The track is featured throughout the […]

30 years ago, would be Pop Idol Simon Cowell, raged against the machine

December 31, 2009

No expense was spared and we had access to hire any gear we wanted, costume hire, and rehearsed on a boat on a canal in east London with an open bar tab. I shot this pic of Simon with his friend Jim at the Embassy club posing as a rock star with my Fender Lead […]

Letter to Jamie

August 19, 2007

This is a copy of a letter I sent today to Jamie Campbell’s myspace site – ( Jamie was fellow founder of Flying Colours, a band we formed in 1980 which was together until 1983. “Hey Jamie, guess what! I bumped into Pete, our old drummer from Flying Colours last week. It was so great […]