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Allie Fox – Waylands Blues –

June 16, 2009

Allie Fox – Waylands Blues Five years in the making, the acoustic guitar album, Waylands Blues by Allie Fox, is now being mixed. The album will be released on Vixen Records lateer this year.  I worked with her on her debut album Diving For Pearls which was critically acclaimed by Mojo, Q magazine and BBC […]

Allie Fox- Editing continues

May 25, 2008

Allie’s album is nearing the completion of editing, what I call the premix stage. I generally like to do at least 90% of the editing prior to mixing so that when the that time comes I’m really able to focus on what’s important. The overall feel and sound of the mix. Although these days I’m […]

Allie Fox – album editing

April 21, 2008

On Friday Allie was back in the studio for the continuing editing stage of the album. We were working on the excellent ‘Mystery Of Life And Death’, a classical style track based on Allie’s acoustic guitar, Ron Shaw’s cello and Rod Clements slide guitar. The session was fairly intense as we waded through lots of […]

Allie Fox – New album

March 14, 2008

Work has stepped up on this amazing guitar based instrumental album. Last week we had Fraser Speirs on harmonica which was an inspirational session. Fraser lays down completed and produced takes which are an engineers dream, completely off the cuff. We also had Elisa Carthy’s producer and MD Ben Ivitsky on whistle and viola on […]

Rod Clements + Allie Fox

December 15, 2007

Fantastic session yesterday on Allie’s album with guest slide guitarist Rod Clements from Lindisfarne. So far by far the best addition to the album as the slide really complimented Allies guitar style so perfectly. Taking advantage of the day we got Rod to play on 4 tracks and he was kept busy right up until […]

Allie Fox

December 4, 2007

Yesterday Allie Fox was back in the studio to continue the recording of her acoustic guitar instrumental album. Guest guitarist Neil Warden played a session on her tracks ‘Poor Boy’ and ‘Pavane” with nylon strung acoustic guitar. Next Friday (14th) Lindisfarne slide guitarist Rod Clements will be in the studio to guest on a couple […]