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Kings Theatre Edinburgh – Robinson Crusoe

December 7, 2009

For the fourth year running now I have been working with Musical Director Richard Anderson on adapting tracks for the panto season at The Kings Theatre. Richard usually finds that tracks which are provided for the show need to be edited, pitch changed and for sound effects to be added. Richard is also MD for […]

Goldilocks and the 3 farts

November 30, 2007

One of the sessions for the Kings panto involved finding3 fart sound effects for the show. Rich and I searched the website and were faced with 3 pages of links to fart noises. Half way through the first page we burst out laughing when we realised we had been seriously discussing the sounds… “No […]

Kings Theatre – Richard Anderson

November 25, 2007

Most of the week and the week to come will be taken up doing sound effects and fixing up backing tracks for The Kings Theatre Goldilocks panto which will be going live on Saturday 1st December. All the work is coordinated by MD and piano player Rich Anderson. After the session on Friday I plonked […]

Goldilocks In The Studio

November 21, 2007

Just doing some audio work for The Kings Theatre in Edinburgh this week. It involves putting together sound effects and tweaking backing tracks fir the live band for the forthcoming panto Goldilocks which starts a week on Saturday. MD and phenomenal piano player Richard Anderson has been using Offbeat for two years now. A lot […]