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GLOBAL SESSIONS – New album underway on Offbeat Scotland label

August 3, 2009

Iain McKinna has started working with drummer and composer Tamas Arady on a new album for the Offbeat Scotland label for a 2010 release. It wil be the first release on the label since Tam White’s Hold On album in 2007. Based on compositions by Tamas and Iain participants will be invited from all over […]

Jess Abrams

September 19, 2007

Just been mastering the debut album by New Yorker Jess Abrams jazz album with her and producer Nik Paget Tomlinson. Thealbum features a great jazz trio of Piano, Bass and Drums by musicians from the Netherlands with Jess singing.  It’s  an interestingly refreshing sound and I will hopefully be allowed to  feature some of it […]