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Offbeat featured client – Skinny James Malinki

June 26, 2011

Skinny James Malinki has been a regular at the studio for about a year now in which he’s been developing his sound in a linear and progressive way. His Scottish hiphop style is amongst the best I’ve heard as he manages to be cool, funny and incisive all at once with his unique lyric style. […]

Skinny James Malinki…don’t hang about!!

May 16, 2011

Comes into the studio for an hour on Friday to lay down a vocal ….. makes a video on Saturday for his track ….. and it’s on youtube on Sunday!!

Hip Hop Projects – Skinny Malinki and Diamond D

May 12, 2011

Did another recording for highly original Hip Hop artist Skinny Malinki, who was back in the studio on Friday 13th to lay down a track called ‘Curse Of Mine’. It’s great to hear a Scottish voice in Hiphop that sounds cool, authentic and he can sing too. We’ve also been in the process of recording […]

Skinny Malinki – Hip hop track – HOLD ON

August 29, 2010

Had Edinburgh hiphop artist James Moncrieff aka Skinny Malinki in the studio last week recording vocals for his new track Hold On. It will be released on the Florida Hiphop label SIDETRACK RECORDS.COM and featured on underground hiphop radio in the States

Room 17 collective, Urban Hiphop – Youth group – Rathbone UK

April 12, 2010

Hip Hop engineer Spy-tec is working in the studio recording a track for Room 17 collective, a youth project based in Edinburgh. Around 15 rappers are involved in putting a track together with producer Emmanuelle entitled Masterplan. The track is a kicking Urban Hiphop track which is backed by the youth organisation Rathbone UK. The […]