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The Story Of Film – An Odyssey. Finally completed!!

August 29, 2011

Over the past few months I’ve been working with Mark Cousins, recording his commentary at the Offbeat studio for his epic documentary. The film is based on Mark’s book of the same name and it’s taken him and producer John Archer from Hopscotch Films 6 years to make this series.  It’s due to be screened […]

Converting video files from AVCHD files to Final Cut Pro –

August 18, 2011

Converting MTS files (AVCHD) for use with Final Cut Pro. What to watch out for: We recently shot a video for one of our artists on a Panasonic Lumix —- and a Sony HD camera but came up with different problems for each camera dealing with the conversion of the MTS files for editing on […]

Samantha E – Feeling Good – Autism Awareness through music

April 12, 2010

I have been involved in recording songs for Samantha E now for the past couple of years and last month when I was approached by her Mum Sharon Ruderham to help with the recording of a song for a BBC Alba documentary which featured Sam I was only to happy to get involved. The film […]

Mark Cousins – Film Director

February 8, 2010

Had Mark Cousins in today recording a short commentary which is to be incorporated into a 60 minute version of the film – The First Movie. It was filmed in Iraq and has already has been shown on Channel 4 in it’s full 90 minute version. The First Movie is having its big screen Scottish […]

Syncing film to music without timecode

April 26, 2008

Back on the case with the video for Kirsty’s debut single ‘Feels Good’. I’ve been experimenting with how to sync the film to sound and have come up with a method that works quite well without the benefit of a camera that has time code. It’s a bit time consuming and it involves chopping the […]

Mega March at Offbeat

February 28, 2008

This coming month is set to be very exciting in the studio. Already confirmed bookings include ;- Randy Pritchard and the J2 Kids – Allie Fox – James Forrest – Ric Tod – Aegon Scottish Equitable (podcast to be confirmed) – Kevin MacLean – Anna Jarosz – Mike Kearnan, Brian Rice + Clive Moorhead (to […]

Songs Of Sister Act

January 7, 2008

A musical based on the movies Sister Act 1+2, which starred Whoopi Goldberg is currently being produced by Daniel Wood of Juxtaposed productions. The MD for the project is Rich Anderson who I worked with for the past two years on musicals at the Kings Theatre. This musical production will star Sheila Ferguson of the […]

Hilary Hamilton on safari

November 30, 2007

Spent quite a lot of the week editing a one hour film programming for Hilary Hamilton who recently returned from safari in East Africa. Using Final Cut Pro we have out together most fo the footage now to an assortment of African music. We expect to complete the film next week.