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Offbeat Records visits Black Diamond FM – Friday 13th

May 14, 2011

Had a great wee session at Black Diamond FM late last night on Geoff Ruderham’s late show. We performed two acoustic versions of songs by Offbeat Kirsty (Drifting Around) and Jenny Savage (Nothing To Surrender). It’s the start of many radio sessions to promote the new acts on the this space!!

Syncing film to music without timecode

April 26, 2008

Back on the case with the video for Kirsty’s debut single ‘Feels Good’. I’ve been experimenting with how to sync the film to sound and have come up with a method that works quite well without the benefit of a camera that has time code. It’s a bit time consuming and it involves chopping the […]

Allie Fox – New album

March 14, 2008

Work has stepped up on this amazing guitar based instrumental album. Last week we had Fraser Speirs on harmonica which was an inspirational session. Fraser lays down completed and produced takes which are an engineers dream, completely off the cuff. We also had Elisa Carthy’s producer and MD Ben Ivitsky on whistle and viola on […]

Mega March at Offbeat

February 28, 2008

This coming month is set to be very exciting in the studio. Already confirmed bookings include ;- Randy Pritchard and the J2 Kids – Allie Fox – James Forrest – Ric Tod – Aegon Scottish Equitable (podcast to be confirmed) – Kevin MacLean – Anna Jarosz – Mike Kearnan, Brian Rice + Clive Moorhead (to […]

Kirsty Music – Feels Good

January 9, 2008

We are currently working on the debut single for Vocalist and Electric Violinist Kirsty. The song entitled ‘Feels Good’ is an acoustic guitar based song featuring electric violin and a strong dance groove.The track will be completed this month and then a video will be craerted prior to release in March 08. For the promotion […]

Kirsty Music

November 6, 2007

Been focusing on the debut album for Kirsty which is the studio’s main production project for 2008 and so far it’s off to a great start. The album is a blend of simple acoustic arrangements and dense electro acoustic tracks which feature her unique electric violin sound and distinct vocal style. The first single “cause […]