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Girl no8

June 20, 2011

Girl no8 are back in the studio recording a single entitled ” In Outta Love”. Songwriter and guitarist Jen Roberts and lead vocalist Emma close worked with me at Offbeat a few years ago on a selection of songs. This time round they are joined by keyboard player Alan Strange. I’m playing bass and drums […]

Skinny Malinki – Hip hop track – HOLD ON

August 29, 2010

Had Edinburgh hiphop artist James Moncrieff aka Skinny Malinki in the studio last week recording vocals for his new track Hold On. It will be released on the Florida Hiphop label SIDETRACK RECORDS.COM and featured on underground hiphop radio in the States

Pat McGlynn interviewed by Deadline News

August 16, 2010

By Christine Lavelle FORMER Bay City Roller Patrick McGlynn is to re-launch his music career – in Japan. The guitarist is re-releasing five albums he made during the 1970s, and also has plans to write and record a new album. Working closely with producer Iain McKinna of Offbeat studios in Edinburgh, Mr McGlynn said getting […]

Eddie Elliott – 3 songs produced at Offbeat

January 9, 2010

Just finished working with vocalist Eddie Elliott who was in Edinburgh performing in the Queen musical We Will Rock You at the Edinburgh Playhouse. Today is the last day of the musical before it moves on to Dublin. While he was here we worked together on new ideas Eddie was developing in which he sang […]

Eddie Elliott

December 7, 2009

Eddie Elliott is a pro actor and amazing vocalist who is part of the original UK tour cast of We Will Rock You Musical by Queen and Ben Elton which is currently at Edinburgh’s Playhouse until January 9th. In between performances Eddie is writing songs and has been visiting the studio and experimenting with new […]

GLOBAL SESSIONS – New album underway on Offbeat Scotland label

August 3, 2009

Iain McKinna has started working with drummer and composer Tamas Arady on a new album for the Offbeat Scotland label for a 2010 release. It wil be the first release on the label since Tam White’s Hold On album in 2007. Based on compositions by Tamas and Iain participants will be invited from all over […]

Kevin Maclean – iain’s blog

March 6, 2008

In his first visit to Offbeat Kevin Maclean has brought in his debut pop single ‘For U’ which really showcases his amazingly versatile voice and songwriting style. Kevin is signed to Plaque Records and all going well I hopes to get the opportunity to produce the whole album which has already been written and demoed. […]

Mega March at Offbeat

February 28, 2008

This coming month is set to be very exciting in the studio. Already confirmed bookings include ;- Randy Pritchard and the J2 Kids – Allie Fox – James Forrest – Ric Tod – Aegon Scottish Equitable (podcast to be confirmed) – Kevin MacLean – Anna Jarosz – Mike Kearnan, Brian Rice + Clive Moorhead (to […]

February recordings

January 22, 2008

Coming up in February will be the continuing recording of Allie Fox’s new album. Guests on the album who will be recording this month will be Ron Shaw-celloist and Fraser Spiers-harmonica player. Also due in the studio is Brian Rice and Clive Moorhead who will be completing the production of their single – The Edge […]

James Forrest-Supasonic Music

January 17, 2008

Songwriter james Forrest is back in the studio recording songs we has recently written as well as reworking dance tracks he has recorded at other studios. James is a great source of singers he has used on his projects, several of which Offbeat has used also after hearing them on his songs. Most notably Anna […]