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Offbeat Featured Client – The Abbeystills

August 2, 2011

The Abbeystills have been recording here at the studio for over a year now. I had the great pleasure of working with Valentina Cazzola and Graham Hannah on their debut album Square Circles which is now available for download on Itunes. The band are now joined by Gordon Sheppard on keyboards and programming and have […]

Offbeat Featured Client – Colin Asquith

June 21, 2011

Singer/Songwriter Colin Asquith is currently in the studio recording a series of songs. As well as recording some of his own songs Colin records acoustic guitar versions of cover songs by Artists as diverse as Abba and Depeche Mode with surprisingly good results. Colin recently came in to record one of his own songs entitled […]

Girl no8

June 20, 2011

Girl no8 are back in the studio recording a single entitled ” In Outta Love”. Songwriter and guitarist Jen Roberts and lead vocalist Emma close worked with me at Offbeat a few years ago on a selection of songs. This time round they are joined by keyboard player Alan Strange. I’m playing bass and drums […]

Square Circles -Debut album by The Abbey Stills

September 28, 2010

The feature track on the home page for the month of October is Blue Summer from the album Square Circles by the duo Abbey Stills. The band features singer Valentina Cazzolla from Italy and guitarist and songwriter Graham Hannah. Graham and Valentina record the tracks at home on their Cubase system on PC. They […]

Flying Colours – The Secret’s Out

April 29, 2010

Earlier this month singer, guitarist and songwriter Jamie CampbellĀ  came back from Auckland to visit his family and we got together after 27 years and decided to get Flying Colours back in the studio and re- record the last track we did together in 1983 entitled The Secrets Out. The track is featured throughout the […]

30 years ago, would be Pop Idol Simon Cowell, raged against the machine

December 31, 2009

No expense was spared and we had access to hire any gear we wanted, costume hire, and rehearsed on a boat on a canal in east London with an open bar tab. I shot this pic of Simon with his friend Jim at the Embassy club posing as a rock star with my Fender Lead […]

Robert Maitland – Taking Care Of Business

November 3, 2009

Songwriter and musician Robert Maitland has been recording at the Offbeat studio now for several years on various projects. A while back he began demos for the musical Taking Care Of Business. The musical is based around the time of the first Edinburgh Festival in 1947 and as such the music is fashioned on the […]

Dead Sea Souls – Natural Progression

May 25, 2008

On Saturday I was back in the studio working with DSS on the single again. So far we have done the guitars as well as guides on vocals. This week we tackled the drums and being a live band this was an important part of the production. As the track has been clocked to a […]