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The musical activities of music producer Iain McKinna


Formed in 1992 by musician/producer Iain McKinna, Offbeat has been involved in the creation of many albums and music productions.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, Iain has been a popular choice of producer with solo artists and singers who require musical accompaniment on their recordings. He has also toured extensively as a musician and MD with some of the acts he has produced. Iain has also worked as a recording engineer with many producers, recently with Jon Cohen from Universal records on Spirit Of The Glen I and II.

Offbeat is currently co-writing and producing tracks with ex Bay City Roller Pat McGlynn for SONY/BMG Japan. Also working with female guitarist Allie Fox on her album WAYLANDS BLUES, which is an instrumental range of tracks written on Acoustic Guitar.

Other producers who work at Offbeat include Iain’s son Paul McKinna aka Vigilante, producing Hip Hop and Drum+ Bass. One of Paul’s compositions was included in a trailer for Meet The Spartans and his Hip Hop band Great Ezcape have had their recordings regularly featured on BBC Radio1 and BBC 1xtra.

Producer and musician Nik Paget Tomlinson and more recently Amy Fowler aka DJ Siren are also part of the Offbeat crew.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Offbeat is a music production company specialising in working with bands and singer songwriters in the pop/dance/ambient and world genres. We also supply musical accompaniment if required on Bass/Guitars/Keyboards/Drums/Strings and Programming.

  2. hi

    i really like your blog, can i add your add to my blogroll ?

    Thanks in advance,

    Zaki Rostom

    • Hi Zaki, hope all is going well with your amazing blog. I’ve been off the case for a bit as I’ve been ridiculously busy but have picked up again just lately. Won a classical Brit for best album of 2009 recently for Spirit Of The Glen 2 for Universal which is of course, great news.Still doing lots of stuff on the pop/dance front too. Never know what’s coming in the door next but hoping to keep the blog updated much more often. All the best and keep up the good blog!! 🙂

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