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Offbeat Featured Client – The Abbeystills

The Abbeystills debut album

The Abbeystills have been recording here at the studio for over a year now. I had the great pleasure of working with Valentina Cazzola and Graham Hannah on their debut album Square Circles which is now available for download on Itunes.

The band are now joined by Gordon Sheppard on keyboards and programming and have booked in again to complete more of their songs later this month.
On the album they recorded most of the parts on their home studio set up using Cubase before bringing the files into the studio for me to add Bass & Drums as Offbeat Rhythm Section prior to mixing the tracks. For a few of the tracks, including our featured track Blue Summer, Valentina came into the Offbeat Studio to record her vocals.
For more information and to read an interview with Graham Hannah from The Abbeystills, go to Jen’s Blog.
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