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Offbeat Featured Client – Samantha E

Sam in the Offbeat studio in early June 2011

Sam never fails to amaze me. Every time she comes into the Offbeat studio she has leaped ahead and improved on the preceding session. She came in recently to record a cover version of the song “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence. It was a stripped down piano version she sang to, and all performances, including ad-libs were recorded in single takes. Then she proudly showed me her certificate in Midi before laying down midi strings and percussion which completely transformed the track!  The whole job was done and dusted within an hour!

Sam is a great ambassador for Autism Awareness, having performed on many fund raising records before she recently reached her 17th birthday. To read much more on Sam and to watch a video of a recent ‘live’ video performance in the studio visit Jen Offbeat’s blog

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