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Kevin MacLean – For U – Producing from a demo

The debut single – For U – by Kevin Maclean is nearing completion after four weeks work on the project for Plaque Records.

The song is turning out great having done 2 versions of the production. One based on the demo arrangement, which the label requested, and one of my own arrangement and production of the song.

Quite often the artist/label gives me a brief for the production which I follow but if I think I have a better idea for the production I always follow that idea too and in time the artist/label can choose which version they want to go with. Working this way means there no need to get into heavy arguments about whose idea is best during the creative stage of the recording. I get to produce my own uncompromised vision of the track and also supply a production as close as possible to a brief if one is given.

Sometimes both versions allow for different promotional possibilities for the record.

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