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Music projects in October

Guitarist and singer Colin Asquith started a new project on Monday which started off great. The first song we have been working on is a really great cover of ‘Take A Chance On Me’. It’s only when you get to the chorus at the end of the song that you realise..”…..wait a minute!! it’s an Abba song!!” After getting the guitar and vocals performances right I added some rhythm section stuff and some Cello and String samples. We left it there and will be continuing the recording next week.

Also in the studio was songwriter James Forrest. The music for a new ballad was partly recorded in a studio in East Kilbride and I retriggered piano and bass samples before we mixed the track. The vocals may be done again when James comes through at the end of November. I really like his songs and am convinced that he will have a breakthrough as he has a firm grip on the business side of music which gives him a real advantage.

Other projects this month have included the continuing mix for local band 3 style’s single ‘Get On Up’ which Paul and I hope to complete this week. Paul’s remix version is sounding great and is more or less complete.

Also working on Kirsy’s music, mainly on video and performance elements. her debut single ‘It Feels Good’ will be a stripped down recording usinfg only the Acoustic Guitar and Electric Violin parts we do in the live version and Kirsty’s vocals with me doing a few harmonies. Kirsty starts vocal training tonight with master vocalist and keyboard player Sergei Desmond from the Ukraine. The single is due for release in January 2008 and is thhe first of three from her forthcoming album.

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