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Universal Records- Week1

Halfway through the session now and it’s on target. We’ve laid down tracks for eleven out of fourteen tracks. Next week we should finish the pipes by Tuesday and then we’ll move on to the drum tracks. The tracks so far have been done in 8 and 16 bar segments in groups of four players and solo performances.

The prism ada8 arrived on  Wednesday afternoon and it sounds just as good as it should for the price! A clear tight sounding bottom end and lots of clarity in the midrange. Comparing it to my studios Metric Halo unit I’m glad I chose the latter as it sounds just as good although has less channels. The Apogee didn’t impress really and the outputs were very noisy too, perhaps as a result of dodgy software though so mustn’t judge too harshly. Having a well earned weekend off now!! Last weekend Yen from first Light conducted the first Offbeat podcasts which we will air soon on the site. Just re-recording some bits for that when I feel up to it at some point over the weekend

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